The Myth of Mesopotamian Sails

The Development of the Sail in the Archaeological Record This is a diversion for this blog from the stories of lost museum ships and tales fantastical pseudoarchaeology to a topic a little larger in the realm of maritime history and archaeology, the very first sail. The development of the sail as a technology within the … Continue reading The Myth of Mesopotamian Sails

Lightship Milwaukee Breakthrough

"Many wrecks lie waiting to be found, many found wrecks wait to be identified. Only researchers continuing to delve into museums, libraries, and archives can hope to unravel the sinuous threads of history. The rout is long, but there is adventure along the way and satisfaction in discovery. The rewards are intrinsic." Gary Gentile, Shipwrecks of … Continue reading Lightship Milwaukee Breakthrough

Milwaukee’s Missing Lightship LV-95

What does Missing Mean? When confronted with the words "Missing Ship" we usually conjure up the dramatic mental image of a ship trying to make its way through a terrific storm only to eventually be overcome by the seas and plunge to the bottom never to be seen again. In the case of LV-95, the ship … Continue reading Milwaukee’s Missing Lightship LV-95

Wisconsin’s First Submarine: The Raddatz Submarine

Wisconsin Submarines One of Wisconsin's major contributions to the war effort during the Second World War was the construction of fleet submarines. Starting in 1941 with the USS Peto (SS-265) Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company constructed 28 fleet submarines for the war. See also Wisconsin Built Subchasers. Initially, Manitowoc shipbuilding was tapped by the Navy to construct destroyers however, … Continue reading Wisconsin’s First Submarine: The Raddatz Submarine

The Shipwreck at Mystery Bay

Introduction What follows is a journal of the past two expeditions I took with fellow archaeologist James the past year searching for a hitherto unknown shipwreck located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. To protect the site and the possible shipwreck, I am going to keep the location vague and unknown hence the title "Mystery … Continue reading The Shipwreck at Mystery Bay