Modern Shipwrecks: SS Marine Electric

Contemporary Shipwrecks Series "The value we place on things archaeologically often relates to the story of human society, changes that they helped instigate or their part in an important story from our past." University of Southampton Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds.  Typically, under federal standards provided from the National Register of Historic Places, a historic archaeological site … Continue reading Modern Shipwrecks: SS Marine Electric

Lightship Milwaukee Breakthrough

"Many wrecks lie waiting to be found, many found wrecks wait to be identified. Only researchers continuing to delve into museums, libraries, and archives can hope to unravel the sinuous threads of history. The rout is long, but there is adventure along the way and satisfaction in discovery. The rewards are intrinsic." Gary Gentile, Shipwrecks of … Continue reading Lightship Milwaukee Breakthrough

Milwaukee’s Missing Lightship LV-95

What does Missing Mean? When confronted with the words "Missing Ship" we usually conjure up the dramatic mental image of a ship trying to make its way through a terrific storm only to eventually be overcome by the seas and plunge to the bottom never to be seen again. In the case of LV-95, the ship … Continue reading Milwaukee’s Missing Lightship LV-95

What’s In A Name? The Coast Guard Cutter Taney

Introduction: Commemoration Versus Historic Preservation "History is serious business and we have an obligation to confront the complex and difficult chapters of our past." Stephanie Meeks, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation With the recent "Alt-Right" KKK, and neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia there has been a flurry of removal of Confederate monuments across the … Continue reading What’s In A Name? The Coast Guard Cutter Taney

The Continuing Search For The Lost Lightship LV-95/WAL-519

  This blog is an update on the research from the previous blog post,  Cape May's Missing Lightship. This post is going to detail my ongoing research into this lost lightship, wherein I slowly put the puzzle pieces together to find out what finally became of this ship. The Story So Far... I appeared on the … Continue reading The Continuing Search For The Lost Lightship LV-95/WAL-519