The Legend of the Black Knight Part I

The Discovery of the U-1226 On 5 June 1993 commercial diver Edward Michaud allegedly discovered the wreck of a World War II German Submarine in 41 feet of water, 4 miles off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He had identified the wreck as that of the U-1226; the problem was history had stated that the U-1226 was sunk thousands of … Continue reading The Legend of the Black Knight Part I

Modern Shipwrecks: SS Marine Electric

Contemporary Shipwrecks Series "The value we place on things archaeologically often relates to the story of human society, changes that they helped instigate or their part in an important story from our past." University of Southampton Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds.  Typically, under federal standards provided from the National Register of Historic Places, a historic archaeological site … Continue reading Modern Shipwrecks: SS Marine Electric

Museum Ships Series V: HMS Implacable

"Never Again." Frank Carr, World Ship Trust  The Sunken Museum Ship The fifth ship in the Museum Ships Series is the former HMS Implacable. Although never formally placed on display to the public as a museum ship, the attempts were made to preserve Implacable as a museum ship. Just like the Implacable lost to the HMS Victory as the Dugay-Trouin … Continue reading Museum Ships Series V: HMS Implacable

Lightship Milwaukee Breakthrough

"Many wrecks lie waiting to be found, many found wrecks wait to be identified. Only researchers continuing to delve into museums, libraries, and archives can hope to unravel the sinuous threads of history. The rout is long, but there is adventure along the way and satisfaction in discovery. The rewards are intrinsic." Gary Gentile, Shipwrecks of … Continue reading Lightship Milwaukee Breakthrough

Milwaukee’s Missing Lightship LV-95

What does Missing Mean? When confronted with the words "Missing Ship" we usually conjure up the dramatic mental image of a ship trying to make its way through a terrific storm only to eventually be overcome by the seas and plunge to the bottom never to be seen again. In the case of LV-95, the ship … Continue reading Milwaukee’s Missing Lightship LV-95